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What is the "Haus der Nachbarschafft"?

The Haus der Nachbarschafft is a barrier-free space where people are invited to spend time learning, playing, creating or simply just hanging out together. It is a meeting place offering non-commercial activities and events for the neighbourhood.

A place where you can learn, or teach others, something new.  Start a project! Grow tomatoes, sing loudly (or softly), play table tennis, dance, paint or get creative with sewing, bike-repair or woodworking workshops. Or perhaps you would rather simply enjoy a coffee, tea or soda and get to know people in your neighbourhood.

Everyone is welcome here: It doesn't matter whether you're still crawling, in a wheelchair or using a walker; whether you are new in town or have lived here for a long time. If you are new in Berlin, we offer advisory services to help you find answers to your many questions.

Unfortunately we do not always manage to keep our website up to date in all languages. Information on our workshops, events and opening hours can be found in German here. If you would like to stay up to date about everything we're doing, then follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter.

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