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History of the former allotment garden

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The history of the place

On the approximately 2600m² plot of Block IV of the former allotment garden site of the Kolonie am Stadtpark I, people have been gardening for around 80 years. Immediately adjacent to the north was the synagogue, which was inaugurated in 1930. It was destroyed in the pogrom night of 1938 and never rebuilt. A memorial plaque at Prinzregentenstraße 69/70 commemorates this.
The literary critic and philosopher Walter Benjamin lived in the immediate vicinity, at Prinzregentenstraße 66. He went into exile in Paris in 1933 and took his own life on the French-Spanish border in 1940 while fleeing from the Nazis.

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Development plans

Now construction is underway. The state-owned real estate company Berlinovo is planning to build 270 mini-apartments for temporary student accommodation at a rent of €25 per square meter (warm) as well as a small daycare center. Further information on the new building project can be found here.
The years of preparation for the construction project (land purchase, planning, preliminary building application, preliminary building permit) were largely kept secret until summer 2022.
Neither the district council nor those affected and the neighborhood were informed or even involved. After the facts finally became known in late summer 2022, it was said that the decision-making process was complete and nothing more could be done. This contradicts the Berlin Senate's “Guidelines for Citizen Participation in Spatial Urban Development”, which were adopted in 2019. It states: “Citizens should be involved as early as the formulation of the objectives of a project”.

Further information on the commitment against the development can be found here.

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