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Mobile community work Wilmersdorf

Cargo bike

Our aim is to connect with our neighbors, to understand how everyone is coping during these challenging times, and to inquire about what it would take to feel (more) at ease in the neighborhood, fostering meaningful interactions.

From late April to mid-June, we'll be touring different spots in Wilmersdorf, eager for engaging discussions and your valuable input over a cup of coffee or tea. We're enthusiastic to hear your thoughts and suggestions for our community.


Our goal - our mission

Conversations - Desires - Connections

The current crises have made many things more challenging, leading to feelings of loneliness for some. This is where the Mobile Neighborhood Work project steps in. We're here to check in on how you're doing and hear your thoughts about neighborhood life. Our goal is to unite people of all ages and backgrounds as neighbors and community members, crafting enjoyable and intriguing activities together. Share your desires for a better community, brainstorm ideas for events and activities, and suggest changes for the neighborhood. Let's have a chat!

Our mobile office regularly cruises around the neighborhood on a large cargo bike to discuss your concerns and kickstart collaborative initiatives.

Feel free to reach out to us with your wishes and ideas for gatherings, events, and joint activities. We're here to assist with planning and execution!

Check out our current events and swing by for a cup of coffee or tea!

The mobile team for the neighborhood

Carolin Kleeberg

Mobile community work

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Florian Seitz

Mobile community work

0157 855 152 14

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