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The “Klimainsel Wilmersdorf” is an important gem in the urban greenery of Wilmersdorf. A variety of plant species thrive here, while numerous animals find shelter and food here. What is particularly remarkable is that the site has never been developed. Until recently, the gardens were part of the allotment garden colony “Am Stadtpark I”, which will be developed in the coming year. Together with nachbarschafft e.V., which is responsible for the project, the mobile neighborhood work Wilmersdorf and the social space-oriented planning coordination of the district, active neighbors are working to ensure that the gardens can be used collectively until the end of November 2024.

Until then, the owner, the state-owned real estate company Berlinovo, has agreed to the interim use. The gardens on the “climate island” will be looked after by patrons and regularly opened for joint activities. All neighbors and interested parties are welcome to drop by during opening hours and join in or simply enjoy the place. In the midst of this little paradise, visitors can learn more about the ecological diversity of the gardens and take part in events that raise awareness of the importance of urban nature. The “Klimainsel Wilmersdorf” should not only be a place of recreation and learning, but also an important contribution to climate protection and the promotion of biodiversity in our city. Its importance both ecologically and socially makes it a valuable place for the community in Wilmersdorf.

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